Apply a G-rated filter to any online movie, TV show, or video.

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ZingFilter enables the filtering of virtually any online video content. Consisting of carefully-placed mutes and skips, our technology allows anyone to watch sanitized videos from virtually any content provider, using filters created by anyone.

ZingFilter is actively building not only the filtering technology, but also a simple, easy-to-use online tool that will enable anyone to create their own filters for virtually any online video.

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The YouTube video below has a custom ZingFilter applied that mutes out all the profanity. The video is streamed directly from YouTube. The actual video has not been modified in any way, but our groundbreaking filtering technology runs in the background and seamlessly removes objectionable content. Much more than just YouTube videos can be filtered, this is only one example.

Note: If you click the icon at the bottom right of the above video you can watch the video unfiltered on YouTube. WARNING: There is profanity.

Power To The People

Because ZingFilter allows anyone to create and use filters for online video content, finally you will have the power to watch videos without objectionable content and to create filters yourself.

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