Earn residual income by watching movies and creating filters.

When we begin charging for our service, we will pay 25% of all monthly subscription revenue to filter creators. The amount allocated for payment to each filter is based on a point system and is pegged to 3 factors:
  • Quantity: The number of times the filter is used by subscribers.
  • Quality: The number of stars for each rating. (1-5 stars)
  • Complexity: The number of markers in the filter.

Important: Subscribers will be required to leave ratings for filters they use. 25% of monthly revenue will be allocated each month, spread across all filters proportionally based on points.

How filter points are calculated
  • Each marker receives 0.01 base points per rating.
  • Each 5-star rating doubles the base points.
  • Each 4-star rating maintains the base points.
  • Any rating less than 4 stars yields 0 points.
Note: A marker is a mute or skip that the filter creator has added to the filter.

Consider the following table of scenarios:

Point Formula: (Number of markers * 0.01 * Number of 4-star ratings) + (Number of markers * 0.01 * Number of 5-star ratings * 2)

Scenario #1:
Markers 5-star ratings 4-star ratings Points Awarded
25 150 75 94

Scenario #2:
Markers 5-star ratings 4-star ratings Points Awarded
75 600 300 1,125

Scenario #3:
Markers 5-star ratings 4-star ratings Points Awarded
45 0 0 0

Scenario #4:
Markers 5-star ratings 4-star ratings Points Awarded
125 1250 175 3,344

Scenario #5:
Markers 5-star ratings 4-star ratings Points Awarded
15 85 25 29

There is no limit to the amount you can earn and no limit to how long your residuals can continue.

Tips to maximize your income from ZingFilter:
  • Create filters for popular movies, TV shows, and videos. The more popular it is, the more times your filter will be used and rated, and the more points you will receive.
  • Create high-quality filters right from the start. We allow 3 published filters per video. Being the first to create a high-quality filter gives you an enormous advantage. The top-rated filter (or first created, if ratings are equal) will be automatically used by subscribers by default. Get there first and do a good job so you get lots of 5-star and 4-star ratings. If the first or top-rated filter has flaws, you can seize the opportunity to create a better filter and quickly rise to the #1 spot.
  • Filters with more markers get more points because they take longer to create. But there is a nice tradeoff here. Filters that require fewer markers are a lot less work, which means you can create them quicker and easier, and crank out more filters. All things being equal, 4 filters with 25 markers each will make you as much money as 1 filter with 100 markers. Both scenarios will take you about the same amount of time. Warning: Adding unnecessary markers to increase your points will get your account revoked and result in the loss of all accumulated points. We actively monitor all filters and it's easy to spot unnecessary markers. It's not worth losing your account and all your points.

IMPORTANT: Until we begin charging a monthly fee, points will not be tallied and money will not be paid. Now is the time to start creating your filters for 2 reasons:
  • As soon as we obtain enough filters and free subscribers, we will begin charging $5 per month for our service. As soon as that happens you start getting paid.
  • We only allow 3 published filters per online video, and it's first come first served. The highest-rated filter will rise to the top and receive the vast majority of points. A likely scenario will be that filter creators make some great filters and then wait 3 or 6 or 9 months until we hit our numbers and start charging. The very first month we start charging we will also begin distributing 25% of all monthly subscription revenue to you—the filter creators. As we get more customers, you make more money. And remember that you will continue to get paid—month after month—for any of your filters that continue being used and getting good ratings. When you create a high-quality filter for a popular movie, you will likely receive residual income every month for years to come.

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